Jeff Ashbaker
Think Back So I Guessed
Don't Ask Why Now I Know
All of This and More From Time To Time
Cold Dark Places Teardrops
Long Story, Short Leave Well Enough Alone
Just Like It Ain't Happened Yet Slow Burn
The Other Side A Place Where I Belong
The Last Straw Ain't Nobody Keeping Score
Love Won't Rock Common Sense
Listen To Me Thinking About Tomorrow
The Real Thing The Choices That We Make
We The People Good As Gold
Or Something Like It The Euchre Queen
Have A Good Time The Day I Fell In Love
Dry Run To Change My Mind
Coming Around Something Bigger/Nobody Knows
Show Me a Sign Worker's Lullaby
I Wonder What'll Happen Echoes of Love
Supernova That's How The Story Begins
I Just Said Hello There's a Light on the Horizon:Shine on Me
Never Been This Lucky...Before The Wind is a Wicked Whistler
Higher Ground Insecurity
Good, Good, Golly, Gosh, Darn Love is What You Leave
Wee Bites The River Has To Flow
Garden of Sheer Delight Bobby, Why'd You Do It
Ah and Awe There Was A Time
Play Your Own Game The Water in the River's Not Still
I've Got To Hear Your Heartbeat Which and When
The Gift Eye El Oh Vee He Why Oh Ewe
Love 'em It's Just a Matter of Time
A Whisper and a Wiggle In Between
Good Music Call Me Romeo
A Better Man I Told Her That Today
Before You Swallow It Was Love
Time & Time & Again I Still Ain't Heard My Music
Maybe There's A Miracle Break Free
Another Day Make Believe
Modern Day Crooner The Story Was Left Untold
That's How The Cookie Crumbles And Then Time Goes By
The Betty Song When The Shadow's Just Right
Full Of Illusions Tower Of Babel
A Storm Outside My Window It Was All So Clear
My Garden of Life Other People, Other Places, Other Times
Eleven To One A Little Bitty Person
We Shall Stand Free One & Only Lonely One
People Are the Reason Why I'm Sure About You
The Fall That Was Then and This is Now
Was It Written That Way Don't Let It Scare You
Break Free Used to Be
Gotta Do Something What I Know
Walk on Down Can Anyone See
Once in a While Step on Back
If I'd Take My Turn Bathing Beauties
That Dreaded 4th Chord Like the Love in I Love You
Wonderfully Moody If I Was to Worry
Ending of an Era I Only Know The Chorus
First Date Blues Live Bait, Barbecue & John Prine
I Can Believe Now Comes And Goes
Just Like A Hurricane Tell Me A Secret Or So
Riding My Way Riding Free
Done Riding From Jesus To Geronimo
Question Your Motives A Message To Keep Me Afloat
Me Saying, I Love You Cradled With Love
Long Gone I Never Thought I'd Ever Feel This Good
Where The Fish All GO To Hide What Are Friends For
Put Your Heart Back In The Freezer My Heart Belongs To You
Maybe Silence Of My Heart
When I Think I Should Forgive You Through The Eyes Of A Broken Heart
Three Short Words Destiny
Honey, Would You Tell Me My Little Girl
Somethings You Ask You Can Only Love Me One Time
From The Artistry Above Love Is A Natural Thing
We Shall Stand Free A Little Song Of Christmas
The Art Is What We Hear Now That I Know Your Song
Sail Bun in the Oven
Jake's Away Catch The Wind
Full of Illusions (clip) If I Take My Turn (clip)