Jeff Ashbaker
Done Riding
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Done Riding © Jeff Ashbaker

This old cowboy's done some riding
Chasing ghosts and memories
Picking trails that lead to nowhere
And finding things I just don't need

I have seen young prairie fires
Burn with passion through the coals
Darkness void of all dimension
And hearts as cold as driven snow

And though I'm, done riding I remember
Holding hands and pitching woo
And though I'm, done riding come December
I'll be riding home to you

This old cowboy's seen some hard times
Lost in tumbleweeds and hay
I Spent some lonely nights in dance halls
Hiding from the light of day

I have searched through hills and canyons
Riding high and low to find
Lifes' illusive dream of freedom
A heart to ride along with mine

--Repeat Chorus--

I'm done riding, yes it's true
Short Song Description:
#3 in the cowboy trilogy
Lyric Credits: Jeff Ashbaker
Music Credits: Jeff Ashbaker
Performance Credits: Jeff Ashbaker
Song Length: 4:04
Primary Genre: Country-Cowboy
Secondary Genre: Country-Traditional
Tempo / Feel: Medium Slow (91 - 110)
Lead Vocal: Male Vocal
Subject Matter 1: Life
Mood 1: Content
Mood 2: Diplomatic
Language: English