Jeff Ashbaker
Before You Swallow
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Before You Swallow
©Jeffrey C. Ashbaker 12-2013

Train I'm on, hear the angels and the thunder
Train I'm on, Stevie's Monday morning rail
Count the cars, rolling as they rumble
Hear the sounds, a whistle and a wail

Train I'm on, double locomotion
Train I'm on, there's a cabin and caboose
I took a chance, I played a hunch, I had a notion
And I was right, but there was nothing left to lose
--- Chorus ---
Now I know, I was bound to follow
And in time, stand up and take the lead
But there's a bite just before you swallow
And there's a cut just before you bleed
There's a dog barking at the doorway
And there's a girl, calling out my name
And there's a fog, lifting just before they
Round the bend and the deadman stops the train

There's a train, sixteen cars and counting
There's a train, outbound in the storm
I hear the cries, of the passengers that haunt them
Now that I, am someplace safe and warm

-Refrain 2-
And I learned, I must lead to follow
Or I'll find, I am all alone
There's a taste, sweet before you swallow
At a place, I can call my home
There's a train (there's a train) somewhere in the distance
I can Hear (I can hear) the whistle, though it's faint
I'm not clear (I'm not clear) with regards to it's existence
Some say it is (some say it is) some say it ain't
Lyric Credits: Jeff Ashbaker
Music Credits: Jeff Ashbaker
Producer Credits: Jeff Ashbaker
Publisher Credits: Jeff Ashbaker
Performance Credits: Jeff Ashbaker
Label Credits: Jeff Ashbaker
Song Length: 4:33
Primary Genre: Blues-Country
Secondary Genre: Folk-Rock
Tempo / Feel: Medium Fast (131 - 150)
Lead Vocal: Male Vocal
Subject Matter 1: Life
Subject Matter 2: Trains
Mood 1: Affable
Mood 2: Content
Language: English