Jeff Ashbaker
Looking For A Sunny Day
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Looking For a Sunny Day
© J.C. Ashbaker 9/30/21

Running from the cold, running from the hot
Running from anywhere, that I'm not
I strum the guitar...I pick the banjo too
I Wish I played piano, but I don't know how
Getting kind of old, to start that now
With nothing left to lose, I should change my, point of view

Been on the run, since I learned to walk
And I've been singing, since the day I could talk
I never heard a story...that I couldn't put to song
I never met a woman who could hold me tight
Never found a place where I could live my life
Baby, just maybe, Mamma you could prove me wrong

I'm just looking for a sunny day
I'm just chasing my blues away
I could, Jump on a plane, hop a freight train
Release myself from the clouds and the rain
I'm just looking for a sunny day

-Solo Verse-

Everything's good, and everything's bad
Everybody's laughing and everybody's sad
It's Ageless and It's endless... just like eternity
The whole enchilada, the whole ball of wax
Give it all away and don't look back
Ah, that's living in the land of the free

--Repeat Chorus--
Sometimes it matters, sometimes it don't
Love says it will, hate says it won't
--Repeat Chorus--
I'm just looking for a sunny day x2
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Story Behind the Song:
Lyric Credits: Jeff Ashbaker
Music Credits: Jeff Ashbaker
Producer Credits: Jeff Ashbaker
Publisher Credits: Jeff Ashbaker
Performance Credits: Jeff Ashbaker
Label Credits: Jeff Ashbaker
Song Length: 5:02
Primary Genre: Folk-Americana
Secondary Genre: -
Tempo / Feel: Medium (111 - 130)
Lead Vocal: Male Vocal
Subject Matter 1: Existence
Language: English