Jeff Ashbaker
Play Your Own Game

This 2015 collection of original songs is the eighth from the Southern California based singer/songwriter, Jeff Ashbaker. The songs touch on so many aspects of life that it is hard to make up your mind what is make believe and what is must believe. But you will be guessing and wondering as you sing along and reflect on each of these gems. What type of music is it, well, it's melodic and thoughtful and runs through Americana, Blues, Folk and Country, while using instrumentation that rocks and reverberates the soul.

The Wind is a Wicked Whistler
Higher Ground
Good, Good, Golly, Gosh, Darn
Love is What You Leave
Wee Bites
The River Has To Flow
Garden of Sheer Delight
Bobby, Why'd You Do It
Ah and Awe
There Was A Time
Play Your Own Game